full gospel, spirit filled
We are a full gospel, spirit filled church which believes in miracles, signs and wonders,and born again salvation. Jesus Christ is the son of God, came to earth as a man to cover our sinful lives through his blood which he shed on the cross for us all. Being his blood was sin free, it was the ultimate price once and for all time.  Died and rose again on the third day, showing himself to hundreds and then ascended into heaven.  Sent the holy spirit to comfort, guide, and teach us what sin is and how to deal with it until his return to call his followers home.  Our church welcomes all who want a relationship with Jesus Christ as Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the life, no one gets to the father but by me...Our winter services are Sunday morning at 10:30, Sunday night bible study at 6pm. Everyone is welcome. Please come prayed up and please come with expectancy of a move of God.. expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles..   We are located in Faith SD. 505 west 2nd street.
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505 w. 2nd st
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